Marta Calleres

Marta Calleres


Marta Calleres is member of the Portuguese Architect Association and partner of CALLERES - Architecture & Interior Design studio. Born in 1973 in Lisbon - Portugal, city where she graduated, works and has lived to this day.

Attended the English Primary and High School at St. Dominic's International School and later graduated in Architecture of Urban Management at the University of Architecture in Lisbon, with the conviction that the key to success of any project lies on the management of interests and rationalization of needs to implement ideas/ polices.

Her professional experience passed through international and national companies as Project Manager and Building Inspector, responsible for projects and team coordination. During this period, also as a free-lance architect, she carried out architectural and interior design projects giving freedom to her creativity and aesthetics sense.

The experience and contact network gained in the course of her professional activity led her to join her sister, Raquel Calleres, in 2009, in a new challenge: Real Estate in Refurbishment. This partnership remains to this day, although currently more focused on architectural, interior design and building inspection projects at private and corporate levels.

Raquel Calleres

Raquel Calleres

Interior Designer

Raquel Calleres was born in 1977 in Lisbon - Portugal.

She attended the English Primary and High School at St. Dominic's International School and later a degree in Management and Public Administration at the Lisbon College of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP-UTL). From these two experiences, the gains she took were fluency in English and the certainty that her professional fulfilment was in other fields of interest, an old vocation, Interior Design and Decoration.

Such motivation led to a professional field change and subsequent frequency of several specialty courses and workshops. At the same time she developed a taste for antiques and began to collaborate with national antique dealers, broadening her knowledge in Furniture Art History.

In 2009 joins her sister Marta Calleres as partner in the management and leadership of CALLERES - Architecture & Interior Design studio (formerly known as MRC Project Developers). That year set the milestone of a professional turning, starting off with the acquisition of real estate for building refurbishment and the execution of interior design projects.