Set in a narrow plot of 220 square meters, a two floor semidetached house, with approximately 60 square meters of building area, counted with the intervention of CALLERES - Architecture & Interior Design studio in terms of Architecture, Project Coordination and Work Inspection.

The district’s location, close to the historic area of the Queluz Palace and the wish to perpetuate the past lived memories of one of the clients, determined that structures and original architectural elements were to be maintained - main façade, roof/ chimney, stairs nucleus and interior doors. However, the new house should be energy sustainable and constructive pathologies to be corrected - rising humidity, thermal bridges, etc.

The intervention’s premise was primarily based on the main expansion of the building and the overall cover of the construction - old and new - with ETICS (External Thermal Insulation System). All infrastructure, materials and finishes were changed, as well as, executed tailor-made carpentry so as to meet client’s needs.

The current architectural project was characterized by the fusion of two volumes highlighted by two different shades of grey: an old, referencing the volumetric pre-existence of other times and a new overlapping, straight lined. Large glass plans dematerializes the volumetric mass of the rear facade directed to the garden, establishing and reinforcing the strong link with the exterior. The roof garden on the first floor also emphasizes that permeability.

With a depurated language, the project is underlined by the contemporary configuration of its spaces that are beyond the traditional organization. Sober compartments were a result, featuring a selection and combination of materials and textures that confer elegance and timelessness.

Inside, in contrast to the coldness of concrete cuddled - used mainly in social floor areas, toilets and office - floating wooden floor appears in the most deprived areas, giving those spaces a comfort ambience. As opposed to the monolithic sobriety of wood and cement floors and walls, emerges Estremoz Marble that partially overlays the bathroom surfaces, providing a touch of sophistication.

The social areas are now unobstructed, wider and full of light, with a palette of materials of neutral colours. The tone of walnut wood comes as a contrast in some key elements such as stairs and sliding doors that divide the social areas.

The lot is also composed of outdoor seating areas, enhancing recreational and entertainment areas.